Mr. Adnan Ölmez, Chairman of the Board of Borsan Group announced that they have decided to move the special design cable factory thereof in Italy to Turkey and commenced its installation works and said that the cited factory, to produce specially designed cables, will be the first and the only of its kind in Turkey.
Installation works have started 
Mr. Adnan Ölmez, having stated that they will move the factory named SalviCavi they have purchased in 2014 and which has been making special design cable production under the name of BorsanCavi since last 2 years to Samsun province, told that this decision is of great importance for Turkey and Samsun and this is a strategic investment for them. The target in moving the BorsanCavi special design cable production factory, installation of which has began and which will begin production by the end of the year, is to reduce the costs  and grow in the European market.
Borsan is a brand which exports cable to 70 countries 
"We realized significant investments in copper cable and aluminum cable production. Last year we moved Turkey's largest-capacity secondary aluminum cable factory located in Gebze province to Samsun province. Borsan Kablo, became one of the most important producers of Turkey in terms of both aluminum and copper cable production. Naturally, we are not only limited to Turkey. Borsan Kablo is a brand which exports cable to 70 countries. "said Mr. Ölmez, indicating that Borsan Kablo has realized important investments in recent years. 
We will make sales to all Europe under the Borsan Kablo brand 
Mr. Ölmez, underlining the fact that they purchased this factory with a view to have the opportunity of both acquiring a global manufacturer identity and producing more technological and specially designed cables, told that they would also be able to make sales with better prices in the European market. Mr. Ölmez, concluded his statement by saying: "We've experienced the issue of not selling goods at prices we deserve to Europe like all other manufacturers in Turkey. We have performed various works to overcome this. In this context, we purchased the factory, which is a very important producer of Europe in Milan, Italy, with our Italian partner. We made production there for 3 years. The reason of our buying this factory was have the opportunity of both acquiring a global manufacturer identity and producing more technological and specially designed cables. We decided to move the production lines of our factory from Italy to Turkey at the end of 2016. Our departments like labs, sales teams, warehouses will stay there. We will continue to sell goods to Europe under our Italian identity. The Italian government and trade unions did not want to leave us. We made the right decision, but we had serious problems with the Italian government, local governments and trade unions. This is why they do not want to lose both the technology and the workforce. Thanks to god we could overcome these difficulties. All production lines have been transported to Turkey and we started to work on the installation for the moment. This is good news for Samsun and Turkey. Because we are moving a factory that manufactures strategic cables, space, aviation and high-tech special machinery cables in Turkey. It is an important case in terms of employment also, but it is more important to produce and export specially designed products in Turkey ... These cables have no standards. There is not any other factory doing this in Turkey. We are the only company to take this step for the first time in Turkey. First and foremost, we purchased a factory in Italy and brought Borsan Kablo to Europe's most strategic points. Now we will make our production here and will be able to reduce our costs. We will increase our production and enlarge our market share within Europe. This is a strategic investment for us. We will continue our sales under the BorsanCavi brand. The production will be realized here and we will make sales to all Europe via Italy. "