Aymak Machinery

Aymak Makine CEO Yaşa Yılmaz:
“We will present the design and production quality of Aymak Makine to the whole world at the Wire Düsseldorf fair”


Aymak Makine, a company that provides turnkey solutions to all of machine and equipment needs of companies and organizations operating in the cable sector, is preparing for a big event. The company will participate in the Wire Dusseldorf fair to be held in Germany on April 4-8 to introduce its products to thousands of visitors from all over the world. We spoke to Aymak Makine Ceo Yaşa Yılmaz about their products and the fair.

What are your products varieties? Will you have innovative products in 2016?
As Aymak Makine, we provide services to the sector for production and turnkey delivery of extrusion lines, single twist lines, double twist buncher lines, drum twister lines, rigid twister lines, strander lines, armoring lines, transmission lines and hooking lines.

Why are your products preferred? What sectors do you provide solutions for with which brands? What is your order of preference/priority for your products?
The main reasons for our products to be preferred are affordable price, superior quality production, on time delivery and fast service. We meet all the machine and equipment needs of companies and organizations in the cable production sector at turnkey level with our IMACH® brand. Most of our products, especially our extrusion and twister lines are liked by all our customers.
Will you be participating in the Wire Dusseldorf fair? What products will you be exhibiting at the fair? What are your expectations from the fair?
We are participating in the Wire Dusseldorf fair. We will be receiving guests at our stand no. H78 in Hall 11. We will be displaying various machines in which you can see the Aymak Makine design and production quality at our stand. Our expectations from the fair are to expand our customer portfolio, increase the recognition and familiarity of our company and our brand, discuss some of our existing projects in the proposal stage face to face with customers and introduce Turkish hospitality, the Turkish industry and industrialists in every medium where we fly our flag.
What is your place in the German and European market share?
Germany and the European Market have a notable place in our market share. As Aymak Makine, we have been working on a consistently rising trend with our business and solution partners in Europe.

Quality or price? Can you evaluate the competition in your sector? Do you feel that consumer/user awareness is sufficient? Is there still a quality problem in your sector?
In addition to the shortages in production quality in the sector, we feel as though users do not have sufficient awareness about processes. It is challenging for us to explain the insufficiency of competitive proposals that our customers present regarding production processes during the proposal stage and convince them that Aymak Makine line designs will be more profitable in the long term comparing to conventional production processes. When IMACH® machines and lines are considered concerning price/benefit comparison, it means getting the maximum quality with the optimum price.