Aymak Makine Mühendislik Hizmetleri ve San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. operates in  the field of cable industry machines production. Our company has been growing more and more each and every day thanks to the knowledge accumulation thereof gained in the sector in more than 30 years, the latest technology utilized thereby and cooperation of its expert staff. Our company making the production thereof on the basis of Total Quality Understanding and Customer Satisfaction has been certified by ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate. Our company, keeping the record of all phases of all machinery and lines produced thereby from design until operation since the establishment thereof, has been increasing the satisfaction level of its esteemed customers each and every passing day in terms of reasonable prices, good quality machines, in-time deliveries and services and raising the level of IMACH® brand by constantly evolving.
Our company, managing the whole process from offer to delivery phase within the structure thereof, has met the expectations of customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the society and has adopted the principle of continuous improvement ensuring the protection of the working environment as well as efficient use of our natural resources, is consistent in its quality targets, increases the total quality level in trainings, follows up the technological developments in the changing market conditions to increase its competitive power and aims to be preferred in the sector thereof.

IMACH® product line
IMACH® brand product line comprises cable twisting lines (rigid bend, drumtwister, planet bend, double twist buncher, single twist buncher, bawl strander and etc.), extrusion lines (vein isolation and outer sheath isolation lines and etc.), automatic, semi-automatic and manual coiling lines, armure lines, transfer lines, as well as PVC granule production lines and all necessary equipments in the cable industry (all kinds of wrappers and dischargers, battery and dancers, metering units, etc.).
Our processes include offering, design, production, assembly, automation, testing, installation and training and all these processes are managed and applied through experienced staff members completely within our structure.

Our target market is Russia
We chose the Russian market as our target region in early 2016. And we are happy that the tension between our countries is normalizing each and every passing day. We give more and more importance to promote our IMACH ® brand in the region in each and every day in order that Russian cable manufacturers can use high-efficiency, higher quality and longer lasting machines and we accelerate our works in this sense.

New generation AEXT series
If we give some examples of the innovations in our product range, we have started our high efficiency and energy saving AEXT series extruder program with new screw design thanks to unlimited determination our design and engineering team and with the support of our automation team in line with our continuous improvement policy and we obtained an extruder with higher capacity and higher quality insulation by using 15% less energy as a result of the program. Our customers, having opted for our new generation AEXT series extruders, started to use lower cost raw materials at the same time and consequently started to produce with more competitive costs.

Each and every new order denotes a new design for us
Customer demands and requests have great significance in machine design and production. Accordingly, each and every new order denotes a new design for us and the design process experienced increases the quality of our existing machines. We hope that all cable manufacturers benefit from the cited advantage and await the cable manufacturers contact us in order to answer their questions as to AYMAK Machines having high speed, high efficiency and low cost production parameters and extend our respect to all the valued readers of your magazine.