A great investment from Borsan

Borsan Group Chairman of the Board Adnan Ölmez, who remarked about new investments his company will make in 2017, expressed that they have got ready for 2017 with the slogan of ‘increasing productivity, reducing costs’. Ölmez, who states that they will be investing in led lighting products in 2017, explained that they will offer 35 models designed by them to Turkey and world markets. Ölmez, who stated that 2017 will not be easier than 2016, said that “With this consciousness we’re getting ready for 2017 together with our group companies. The sad events suffered by our whole country makes us very unhappy. But there is no other Turkey. There is no other place that we can live inside. For this reason, we’re getting ready for a new year without losing our motivation. Our slogan in 2017 is to ‘increase productivity, reduce costs’. Our investments will also continue in 2017. In recent years, we have made important investments in cable sector as Borsan. The year 2017 will be a year for investment in led lighting products. Our R&D department is working intensively with our partners in China. We’re switching to full-led lighting products for interior lighting. As is known, the use of standard bulbs is almost over in the whole world. Led lighting starts to be used in every field. We are also beginning to produce led products at the right time. In this context, we have determined 35 models. The design of these models completed. The mold-making stage continues. We will offer these products to Turkey and world markets from the second half of 2017. Our expectation is too big in led lighting. As Borsan, our most important work in respect of investment is led lightings now

 “The factory in Italy has a strategic importance”
Ölmez, who states that they bought the cable factory they had operated as rented and they also made investment in this factory, finished his remarks as follows: We officially bought the cable factory that is located in Italy and we had operated as rented. We’re making new investments also there. We’re producing additional products. The factory over there has become one of our most significant initiatives at abroad recently.  This is a factory making special designs for major industry branches such as airplane, robot, and defense industry. Our production boosting efforts are continuing there. At the same time, our factory in Italy has provided us with a global producer identity. This factory has a strategic importance for us.”