Seminars from Nexans: CPR and Performance on LAN Cables
 +Detailed Information
We believe that CPR obligation will bring activity to exports made to EU countries
Elcab Cable Sales Team Doğan Muzaç, Hatice Aslandağ and Ömer Şentürk +Detailed Information
We launched very serious works as regards the cable sector and aim to increase our market share
Mr.Osman Baş, Regional Sales Manager of Videojet Technologies +Detailed Information
Megolon S663 was tested with success for CPR  B2ca S1 Do cables for various cables in different European laboratories
 +Detailed Information
Megolon® HFFR compounds to resist against nuclear radiations
 +Detailed Information
Erse Kablo made difference at Dubai Middle East Electricity Fair
 +Detailed Information
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