Erse Kablo, rises among ISO Second 500 Large Industrial Enterprises
 +Detailed Information
Fast - but not furious ROBI low-tension binder for single and dual-end yarns with up to 4500 rpm.
 +Detailed Information
Göldağı Cable aims at 30% capacity increase with its new plant invesment
Alişan Çiçek Factory owner +Detailed Information
With the support of large stock and logistics İpek Plastik meets its customers need for plastic raw material, PP sacks and surgical threads
Zeynel Avcılar Chemist Engineer +Detailed Information
Structural return loss SRL and FFT-frequency analysis SIKORA measuring devices provide FFT analysis and SRL predictions
Prof. Dr. Ing. Werner Blohm Professor for engineering sciences at the Jade University Wilhelmshaven and free consultant of SIKORA AG +Detailed Information
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