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HSC Kablo ve Profil Sales Manager Dursun Topuz and Sales Representative Duygu Başoğl +Detailed Information
MEGOLON® S540 The ultimate HFFR compound for telecom cables
 +Detailed Information
Ören Kablo makes difference with new generation Cat 7 data cables
Ören Kablo continues to meet the esteemed clients thereof with its high quality cables +Detailed Information
Erse Kablo continues to rise among the Second List of 500 Largest Industrial Organization
 +Detailed Information
R&D Center of 2M Kablo is officially registered
Orkun Temirel 2M Kablo R&D Director +Detailed Information
SIKORA AG: Measuring devices for quality control of optical fibers in the drawing tower for a perfect fit in subsea cables
 +Detailed Information
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