LSOH a special crosshead for special products
 +Detailed Information
Etik Plast Kablo ve Plastik Hammaddeleri is preferred by biggest manufacturers through its new and distinctive products
Ajda Helvacıoğlu Etik Plast Kablo ve Plastik Hammaddeleri Sales and Marketing Manager +Detailed Information
We are targeting a customer oriented and sustainable marketing operation
HSC Kablo ve Profil Sales Manager Dursun Topuz and Sales Representative Duygu Başoğl +Detailed Information
MEGOLON® S540 The ultimate HFFR compound for telecom cables
 +Detailed Information
Ören Kablo makes difference with new generation Cat 7 data cables
Ören Kablo continues to meet the esteemed clients thereof with its high quality cables +Detailed Information
Erse Kablo continues to rise among the Second List of 500 Largest Industrial Organization
 +Detailed Information
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