High Technology Bows for all brands
 +Detailed Information
Mexichem Specialty Compounds developed new compounds for heat tracing cables, high CPR class and tight buffer fiber optic cables
 +Detailed Information
The expansion of our customer portfolio in 2017 made approx. 10% contribution to the turnover of our company
Mr. Mehmet Şahal, Commercial Assistant General Manager of ETK Kablo +Detailed Information
We had a big operational advantage by moving our 5 factories to Samsun province and we are entering 2018 with this motivation
Mr. Adnan Ölmez, Board Chairman of Borsan Group +Detailed Information
Hes Cablo ranks the second in exports from Kayseri
 +Detailed Information
Export markets will continue to be the main target of ETK Cable in the year 2018
Assistant General Manager in Charge of Commercial Affairs of ETK Cable, Mr. Mehmet Sahal  +Detailed Information
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