Mexichem Announces the Acquisition of UK based, Vinyl Compounds Holdings Limited.
 +Detailed Information
A great investment from Borsan
Adnan Ölmez Borsan Group Chairman of the Board +Detailed Information
We have succeeded in being the first company that comes to mind for providing the cable braiding machine and mica taping machine needs of leading Turkish and European cable producers
Gürfil AŞ General Manager Cihan Güneş +Detailed Information
Improved Crosshead RX 5 for Loose Tube Production
 +Detailed Information
Bozdemir opens the doors of the technology to the full extent for cable and wire manufacturers
Bozdemir Machine Quality Management & Sales Manager Adil Can Kavca +Detailed Information
Sampsistemi has gained more strength by purchasing Euroalpha and Euro Extrusion
 +Detailed Information
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